Coldfire Coffee Review – Nano Hemp Coffee at its Finest

Coldfire Coffee Review – Nano Hemp Coffee at its Finest

One of the fastest growing segments of the coffee industry is Nano Hemp coffee. Here at Best Quality Coffee, we’ve had more than our fair share of >Nano Hemp coffees and can confidentially say we’ve tried some of the best of the best in this space. Even so, we’re still always excited to come across new brands. Coldfire Coffee Roasters recently reached out to us for an unbiased review of their Nano Hemp coffee and we’ve compiled the results in this article.

Before getting right into this Coldfire Roaster review, let’s briefly go over what Nano Hemp is.

What is Nano Hemp

Nano Hemp is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. Studies have shown that it’s effective for helping with a variety of health issues from anxiety to chronic joint pain. As someone who’s personally benefited from using Nano Hemp, I can say that these claims have totally matched my experiences. It’s important to mention that Nano Hemp will NOT get you high. In the interests of time, I won’t go into all of the details of Nano Hemp and how it’s an excellent natural healthy remedy. Feel free to ready this article from for more details.

One of the things that makes Nano Hemp coffee so interesting is because it combines the effects of caffeine and Nano Hemp. Everyone knows that people don’t drink coffee just for the taste. Coffee’s caffeine gives you a distinct energy boost that many rely on. However, it can sometimes come with unwanted jitters. Nano Hemp, on the other hand, is known for its relaxing but not sedating effects and serves as a perfect complement to caffeine. Coldfire Roasters Hemp K Cups and coffee delivers a perfect ratio of Nano Hemp extract to caffeine. This harmonious balance takes the edge off of caffeine without cancelling the benefits of the Nano Hemp or Hemp.

Coldfire Coffee Review:

Any reputable Nano Hemp coffee brand will make its lab tests available to the public. If they aren’t available on the site, don’t hesitate to request them from the company. If they don’t give you the results, that’s a good sign to move on. Fortunately, Coldfire Roasters makes this important information available right off of their website.

Coldfire Coffee Features

  • 2 different blends: Cuban Dark Roast, Colombian Medium Roast
  • 10mg of Nano Hemp per K-Cup
  • Compatible with Keurig Coffee Machines
  • Available in Nano Hemp K Cup and Ground Form

I’m personally a fan of strong coffee so I first went with the Cuban Dark Roast which is an espresso blend. Be forewarned, this is powerful coffee and is intense in every sense of the word. It’s rich, dark, and bold. By adding some cream, it was a perfect match for my preferences. For those familiar with Peet’s coffee which is known for its strength, I’d say this coffee is right on par with that level of intensity. I’d describe the acidity as light to medium and there was a very subtle flavor in spite of this being a strong dark roast. I enjoyed this Nano Hemp K Cup very much and again, would recommend it for those who love a robust coffee.

Nano Hemp K Cup : Cuban Espresso Blend

  • Roast: Medium Dark
  • Aroma: Earthy, Nutty
  • Body: Bold
  • Acidity: Light
  • Region:  Minas Gerais
  • Elevation: 3,000 Ft

The next blend was the Hemp-infused Colombian Blend. Like the Cuban blend, you can taste the quality of the coffee beans that were sourced. This is a good choice for those who prefer a more balanced coffee as it’s a medium roast that delivers a smoother and more rounded coffee experience.This blend has a medium body backed by a strong flavor. You can definitely taste hints of citrus and floral tones which were very enjoyable.

Nano Hemp K Cup: Colombian Blend

  • Roast: Medium
  • Aroma: Floral, Citrus
  • Body: Smooth & Rich
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Region: Popayan
  • Elevation: 4,350 Ft.

Coldfire Coffee Review: Packaging

Coldfire Coffee RoastersI’m one of those coffee reviewers that rarely comments on packaging. Even though it contributes to the full coffee experience, I just thought it wasn’t very important especially compared to the quality of the coffee. However, this packaging is worth making an exception for. The design of the Nano Hemp K Cup boxes are intricately patterned and very professionally done. The bottom of the boxes even have the flags of the countries from which the beans were sourced. This obviously isn’t the most important part of the coffee, but I appreciated how Coldfire Coffee went to great lengths to deliver a luxury coffee experience at every step of the way.

Coldfire Coffee Review: Nano Hemp

As someone who uses Nano Hemp regularly, I consider myself fairly attune to my body and how I feel. The coffee’s Nano Hemp is sourced from American Hemp. This Nano Hemp helped me focus better while completing my daily tasks (which included writing this very Nano Hemp coffee review). I can say this Nano Hemp helped improve my mental acuity without making me feel sedated in the least.

At the end of the day, I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this coffee. You can tell that the owners of this coffee company appreciate strong coffee. It really shows in how they decided to roast their beans. In my experience, a majority of the available Nano Hemp coffees tend to be lacking in true intensity. They may have good flavor, but knock you on your rear for lack of a better word. In my opinion, this coffee does that just that and I’m glad to see that Coldfire Coffee Roasters has filled this industry need in full.

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